Product Descriptions – The Only Effective Way to Write Them!

Writing effective product descriptions will not just give you the edge you need to compete with hundreds of other websites selling the same or similar products by increasing your traffic and conversions, but will also help you build invaluable brand-loyalty for your e-commerce portal.

Here are some very useful, yet simple tips for writing effective product descriptions:-

1)      Know Your Product

Before you sit down to write a product description, study your product thoroughly. Get to know its unique selling proposition, features and benefits. If possible, place the product before you while you write – examine it; feel it! If you are unsure about the product, your uncertainty is likely to come across in your writing, and it will not be convincing.

2)       Know Your Target Audience

Take the time to understand your target market. Think about their personality and purchase behaviour; understand their needs and what benefits they seek.

3)      Your Writing Style Should Be In Keeping With the Personality of Your Audience and Your Product

What you write and how you write it should be in keeping with the personality of your target audience and your brand. If your brand and its buyers are young and trendy, your copy will have to be casual and hip.

4)      Know Which Keywords Your Product Needs to Target

While you should not overly focus on keywords as far as product descriptions are concerned, it’s always a good idea to include a few relevant keywords in your content.

 5)      Mention the Brand Name At Least Twice

Mentioning the brand-name at least a couple of times in your product description, will not only be good for Search Engine Optimization, it will aid brand recall.

 6)      Highlight Benefits, Not Features

While writing your product description, remember that focusing on features often makes it difficult for average readers to understand the benefits. Spell out the benefits, so the potential buyer clearly understands what is in it for him! Dedicate a separate section for technical specifications or features.

7)      Open With a Catchy Line That Talks About the Key Benefit

How you open your description will determine whether the reader will read your entire product description. Opening creatively and building towards the key benefit / USP right from the onset, is always a good idea!

8)      End With a Call for Action

End your description with a call for action. Consider the end of your description as a final chance for you to hook your potential buyer.

9)      Write Unique Descriptions

Remember that you should only use the product description handed to you by the manufacturer as a general reference point. The company hands the same one out to everyone! Doing a “copy and paste” job will cost you heavily in terms of visitors and conversions, not to mention — bucks!

 So, to sum up your product description writing strategy: Know your target audience and product intimately; sync your writing-style with the personality of your target market and brand; include a few keywords; create brand recall; highlight benefits, not features; arouse interest at the start and include a call for action at the end; and lastly – be creative and different!

Practice these tips, and you will be a pro at writing effective product descriptions, in no time!