Successful Marketers Psychologically Connect with Customers – Find Out How!

If there’s one thing successful marketers have always managed to do it’s psychologically connect with customers! Whether with traditional marketing communications or new-age digital media, making that connection is all-important. Here’s what needs to be done to make the emotional “click” that is required to convert  your target audience into customers.

4 Steps to connecting with potential customers through your marketing communications

1) Identify your product’s Unique Selling Proposition.

2) Identify your Target Audience and study their Demographic and Psychographic Profile.

3) Research Buyer Behavior, Trends and Perceived Shortcomings with your closest competitors’ brands and yours. Hone in on what you think is the most important insight about consumer perceptions.

4) Devise a plan for incorporating your “Consumer Perception Insight” into your Communication Strategy!

In order to understand this process properly, let’s take an imaginary case study of a real product – Women’s Body Shapers. This line of innerwear is meant to work on creating a slimming effect on a woman’s tummy, butt and / or thighs.

1) Identifying the Unique Selling Proposition Properly: To hone in on the brand’s USP, you would have to analyze how it is different from competition. To do this, you must examine all its features. Let’s say that you already know that your product is made from a revolutionary new ultra-thin fabric that tucks fat in while seeming invisible under sheer outer dress fabrics. This is definitely your USP.

A majority of run-of-the-mill marketers run with their USPs and dive headlong into communication strategies. But, that’s exactly what separates ordinary marketers from super-successful ones. Your job is far from over.

2) Identify Your Target Audience and Study Their Demographic and Psychographic Profile: Demographic segments include gender, age, income level, educational qualifications, socio-economic background and geographic locations. Psychographic variables are attributes related to personality, values, attitudes and interests.

Let’s say your market research finds that the main consumer segment for body shapers is: Women; aged 30-45 years; high income level; working moms; spread across all geographic locations; they buy mostly in warm climates, etc. – Focus communication primarily at this segment, keeping these factors in mind.

3) Research Buyer Behavior, Trends and Perceived Deficits with Your Closest Competitors’ Brands and Yours in Order to Get to Your “Consumer Perception Insight”: The only way to really know buyer trends, behavior and beliefs is to undertake research. Traditionally, this involved drawing up questionnaires and interviewing people in person. Today, the best way for your marketing team to do this is to solicit feedback via e-mail, join appropriate forums on-line, through social media outreach programs, keyword research, etc.

What you should ideally pay heed to is where your target audience is buying; the main reason they are buying; what they pay and are happy to pay; who if anyone has an influence on their purchase decision, etc. Ask them whether they would buy your new ultra-thin fabric body shapers, and whether they would buy them on-line, if that’s where you are planning to sell. And, most importantly, ask your target audience what their one hesitation would be, in buying. This is likely to get you to your “Consumer Perception Insight”!

4) Once You Have Found the Key “Consumer Perception Insight”, Devise a Plan for Incorporating it Into Your Communication and Marketing Strategy!: In your study, suppose you find that a majority of your target audience say they are not sure about buying on-line because they don’t know whether the body-shapers will work, and they need to actually try them on! Now, do you see why you needed to know about this major consumer insight, and why without it, your merely harping on the USP would not have made the connection with visitors to your on-line store?

You should congratulate yourself, because you have just found out what that one factor is that will make the conversion, and you would be wise to use it in your marketing strategy! Perhaps the best thing you can do, in this specific instance, is to upload a video demo on your website! You can have about 3 women of different body shapes / sizes within your target group demonstrate how they look before and after wearing the body-shapers under their thin cocktail dresses, skirts, trousers, etc.

Write creative and effective content around your brand’s USP, target audience profile and psychological traits, buying behavior, and of course, the “Consumer Perception Insight”, and you should be well on your way to success!

But, remember, as your brand evolves and progresses in its lifecycle, consumers’ perceptions change and trends change. So, do keep an eye out for changing market environments, and evolve along with your brand and consumers. Connecting with your consumers is an on-going process.

– by Binifer Paymaster