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Product Brochure Writing

Your reader has likely picked up or downloaded your product brochure because he is interested in the product or service on offer. That’s why companies often find that well written product brochures lead to heavier engagement and sales than many other product marketing communications. But, how does one write an effective product brochure?

Here are some step-by-step pointers for writing effective product brochures:

1)      Know Your Brand’s Value Proposition and Benefits.  Before you hit the proverbial “drawing board”, be clear about the main and peripheral benefits you need to convey in your product brochure. Stay focused on these benefits from start to finish.

2)      Develop a Creative Concept Around Your Main Benefit. Marry Content and Design with the Creative Concept you have developed.

3)      Write a Cover Line that Motivates Readers to Engage with Your Brochure. Oftentimes, your sales-force hands out product brochures that are never read. Your cover-line should use that moment’s glance almost everyone spares for something handed to them, and make the connection.

4)      Write Compelling Sales Copy that Focuses on Benefits. You will definitely need to include all product specifications in your product brochure, but, write your copy in a way that conveys “benefits”. Constantly talk in a way that answers the potential buyer’s nagging question – “What’s in it for me”!

5)      Be Extremely Informative. Include all the information a prospective buyer needs to make his decision on-the-spot. To take ‘price’ as an example – Management people sometimes say that including it makes their print brochures more short-lived – But, in this day of quick upgrades and shorter product lifecycles, the benefits that accrue from telling a potential buyer the price “right now”, far outweighs the costs of re-printing somewhere down the line! Plus, all consumers expect periodic price hikes, so, a line that says “prices subject to change” is more than acceptable.

6)      Make Your Product Brochure Easy to Scan Through. Use bullets and bold text for important points, visuals to break monotony, and anything else that will make your brochure easy to scan through. Do not include any unnecessary information. Be brief and to-the-point.

7)      Include a Hook. Clearly tell your prospective buyer what you want him to do. Ask him not to hesitate to call. Make it easy for him to take the next step.

8)      Include Contact Information. Always include contact details like the corporate website url, E-mail address, Head-Office and Branch office addresses, telephone numbers, etc.   

Good luck with your product brochure writing efforts!


If you have any pointers for effective product brochure writing, please send them along, through the comments box below.