Binifer PaymasterI, Binifer Paymaster, am proprietor of WritePulse. Let me tell you a little more about my professional self!
Through my professional education in Marketing & Advertising and my ensuing career as a Copywriter and Web Marketing Content Writer, I have had the great fortune of working with some great brands, and both with and under some even greater people. My early mentors were awe-inspiring marketing minds.
Through my career, I have been privileged to work with brands and companies ranging from medicine to finance, social initiatives to multi-million-dollar e-commerce businesses, small mainstream advertising agencies to digital and mainstream marketing giants, and even some national & pan-international government undertakings and private-public sector partnerships.
I feel privileged to, through my content writing career, spend my days doing what I absolutely love—lending my expertise in writing marketing communications, for clients that are huge global players and “think-tank”s in the spaces of Corporate Governance, Knowledge Creation, Bridging great democracies via cultural and educational exchange, Bi-Lateral Trade & Investments, Expanding Travel Corridors, Preventive Health, E-commerce and more!
Busy work-days are not a burden at all… I approach them with diligence and passion.
What kind of writing do I do? Although I have a particular passion for Corporate Website Writing and E-Newsletters that keep clients’ customers engaged – Absolutely every kind! You can view a few samples of my professional writing at the Browse Work page.